Be wary of vendors using the save a sale tactic …

Have you come across those fake live agents that pops up when you were trying to navigate away from the sales copy?

It seemed that the company that provides this service will swap the affiliate ID with their own after every 4 sales.

I tested the order links with 4 different vendors that uses this fake agent.

I tried to click away from the sales page – the fake agent pops up.
I waited for the canned script to appear and clicked on the ‘discounted’ offer.

On the 3 vendors I had tested, my ClickBank affiliate ID still remained.

But on the 4th vendor, when I clicked on the discounted offer, the ClickBank affiliate ID was changed to another ID. Presumably this new ClickBank ID belonged to the company that provides this service.

As of this writing, the company Save-A-Sale has not responded yet, but you can follow the discussion here:

Save a Sale – Affiliates Robbed?

If you’re promoting a vendor that is using this fake agent, you might want to test it out yourself and perhaps write to the vendor to ask about this. It seemed that the ClickBank Affiliate ID will be swapped only after every 4 sales.

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