Understanding the ClickBank Hoplink System and EasyClickMate

The ClickBank Hoplink is a propriety linking system where ClickBank affiliates use to promote the 10,000+ publishers in the ClickBank network.

In your ClickBank Account – under “Account Settings” –> “My Site”, you will see a field called “Hoplink Target URL”. This is the landing page (sometimes also known as your ‘pitch page’) where your affiliates will send traffic. Usually, this will be the URL of your sales copy.

See the screenshot below:

This setup works fine if you are selling only 1 product per ClickBank account.

Here’s how the process work:

visitors –> affiliate’s hoplink –> ClickBank –> Your sales/product page (hoplink target URL)

The *problem* arises when you want to sell multiple products (ClickBank allows up to 500 different products/prices) per publisher account.

How does your affiliate(s) send traffic to your individual product pages if there is only 1
landing page (default hoplink URL) ?

EasyClickmate is a 3rd party script (an add-on wrapper if you will to ClickBank). It allows your affiliates to redirect traffic to multiple product pages – despite the fact that there is only 1 landing page in your ClickBank account.

Instead of specifying your sales page URL in the default hoplink field, insert easyClickmate’s link instead. It will then work its magic and allows your affiliates to send targeted traffic to your individual product pages. *

*note: your ClickBank Affiliates will need to use their customized easyclickmate’s link in order to take advantage of this feature.

EasyClickMate (ECM) adds a ‘wrapper’ function around ClickBank, i.e.

visitors –> affiliate’s ECM link –> ClickBank –> ECM –> Your sales/products page.

EasyClickMate will redirect the visitors to the appropriate product pages – even if they are on different domains/websites.

Question – What about existing ClickBank Affiliates who are still using the hoplink?

In easyClickMate’s admin panel – there is a field called ‘Default Product Page’. Now, instead of specifying your sales page in ClickBank’s ‘default hoplink field’ – you specify it here, in easyClickmate’s admin panel.

See the screenshot below:

Instead of inserting http://www.easyclickmate.com in the Hoplink Target URL,
I insert it here in the ‘Default Product Page‘ in easyClickmate.

Affiliates using the default ClickBank hoplink will be sent to the page you specify here.

Hope that helps clarify some of the confusion.

Best wishes,

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  1. Dave Lovelace wrote:

    Hi Adrian

    Just had to chime in and say how much I LOVE Easy ClickMate!! I’ve used it for years and highly recommend it. And your service is the absolute best.

    Just a tip.. it makes setting up custom discounts for JV partners a snap. And affiliates love getting email notifications for their Clickbank sales.


    Addendum ...

    Posted 26 Feb 2009 at 5:48 pm
  2. Adrian Ling wrote:

    Hey Dave,

    Good to see you here. Thanks for your kind words, appreciate it :-)


    Addendum ...

    Posted 27 Feb 2009 at 3:14 am
  3. Glenton Samuels wrote:

    I’m using WordPress to run a membership and payments are handled by ClickBank. I was wondering if there is a way to customize EasyClickMate to match any website design the same way Amember does, that would be great because I could have EasyClickMate match my wordpress theme.

    hmmm, even better you should consider creating a worpdress plugin for this product. They are many people who use WordPress to sell products with ClickBank.

    Addendum ...

    Posted 01 Mar 2009 at 1:48 am

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