Step 3 – The System

Let’s recap the 3 basic steps in starting a successful online business:

Step 1: Set your Goals

Step 2: Positive Cash Flow (Your purchases should support your goals)

Step 3: Create a System.

Once you’ve decided which online business model you want to pursue, you must create a system for it.

Let me illustrate with an example.

Let’s consider the Adsense Income Model.

Here’s what I need to do:

  • Market research (choosing a niche)
  • Keyword research (finding profitable keywords with min. competition)
  • Find content for the website (min. 20 pages/articles)
  • Create the website
  • Drive traffic to the website
  • Rinse and Repeat

For each of the steps above, create a “System” to streamline the process.

A system in this case would be a series of “steps” that I will take to complete the task.

Here are 3 simple examples:

Market Research System

  1. Search Amazon – are there books written on the subject? How many? (there should be at least 10 books written on the topic)
  2. Search Google – are there many sites related to this niche? Are there discussion forums on this topic? Are those people passionate about the topic?
  3. Are there many adwords related to this topic? (min. 10 adwords ads)

Content System

  1. Primary source of web content = Private Label Rights (PLR) Membership Site.
  2. Secondary source of web content = outsource to freelance writers
  3. Article Re-write to make the content unique: I will provide a set of articles (from the PLR sites) to my freelance writer based on a set of pre-determine criterias. (eg. article length, keyword density, writing style, etc)
  4. Once I’ve received the re-written articles, I will quickly go through them – e.g. spell-check, readability, article-flow.

Website creation System

  1. Fire up my favorite website creation tool.
  2. Select the template (I’ve a few pre-defined templates optimized for adsense)
  3. Select the folder where the re-written articles are kept.
  4. Click on the “Start” button. 5 seconds later, my website is ready
  5. Upload my new site to my web-host.
  6. Next step – the “Traffic System”

As you can see, the “Systems” above is nothing but a series of documented steps which I will take to accomplish the task at hand.

The system you create should be as detailed as possible – so that anyone using your system can easily follow the steps and produce the same results as you.

This is important as at some point in your business, you will want to outsource certain parts of your business.

A properly documented “system” will allow you to do that easily – you just tell that person – here’s the system – just follow it to the “T”