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Understanding ClickBank’s PitchPlus Upsells

PitchPlus is ClickBank’s terminology for upselling to a customer who has just made a purchase. The Upsell product (or services) should complement or enhance or add-value to the customer’s initial purchase. I’m sure you’re familiar with the following questions – “Would you like some fries to go with your burger?” “Would you like a bagel […]

Kindling – the Best Kindle Course!

I’ve been rather ‘silent’ in the “IM” (Internet Marketing) world – and a number of friends and customers have asked if I’d fallen off the face of the earth ;-) … they are concerned of course! But no, I’m still around, and still actively supporting my software and providing server and VPS management. A good […]

Ultimate Heatmap 3.0 – Free until 24 Jan 2013

You’ve spent hours, perhaps days or weeks building your website, crafting your best offer and driving traffic/visitors to your site. Perhaps you have even started a PPC or Social media campaign to drive traffic to your site … BUT do you know what your visitors will do when they reach your site? Do you know […]

User Generated Content Via Curation

What makes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other similar sites so popular and successful? What is the common thread or feature among these sites? Yes, you guessed it – it is “User Generated Content”! Think about it … what makes FB or Pinterest so appealing to its users? Isn’t it fresh, new content that are […]

What’s your ClickBank Color?

Have you logged into your ClickBank account lately? If yes, you would have seen the new Quality Point Score system, and the ‘colors’ that ClickBank assigns to your account. Here’s an example of a blue account. Click on the image below to see a bigger image. Here are the 6 different colors and their ratings […]

ClickBank Gravity 101

The ClickBank Gravity score is an often misunderstood topic by both Clickbank vendors and affiliates. Yet, it (ClicKBank gravity) is often used as a criteria for choosing products to promote in the ClickBank marketplace. Here’s a quick question for you: Does the Gravity Score have any bearing on the number of sales? If you had […]

CBStarter Affiliate Program

If you are an established ClickBank vendor, you will no doubt have a bunch of affiliates promoting your product(s). But if you check your stats, you’d probably notice that only 1%-5% of your affiliates are consistently making sales. What about the rest of the 95% of your affiliates? Typically many of them are not getting […]