Aweber introduces new Analytics Package

Top notch Autoresponder Service provider – Aweber is improving by leaps and bounds.

Gone are the days of seeing http:// in your messages to be able to track subscriber click thrus.

Now, with a simple 1 line of javascript to your website pages, you can track email click thru automatically using your own domain name.

Sneak Peek: Aweber’s New Analytics Package

Open Rate & Clicks Over Time
Do you want to know WHEN your subscribers open and click on your messages? Previously only a total number of opens and clicks were reported but now you’ll be able to detailed activities down to the hour.

Unique Open Rate & Click Totals
Are you curious if your message being read multiple times or forwarded to other recipients? The yellow line in the graph indicates the unique number of users seen opening your email with images enabled. This data along with any other data represented in charts is also available for export in text format.

Account Wide Reporting
Previously all reports and graphs generated were specific to each individual subscriber list. If you’re following best practices and segmenting your subscribers into different categories it’s possible you have multiple lists in a single account. With account wide reporting you’ll now be able to see subscriber activity for all of your lists combined into a single graph.

Right now, all these goodies are not available yet to the general public. Aweber is looking for a select group of AWeber users to help them put these new features to the test.
put these new features to the test.

If you want to see what else is cooking at aweber, head over to Aweber and check out their blog.

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