CBStarter Affiliate Program

If you are an established ClickBank vendor, you will no doubt have a bunch of affiliates promoting your product(s). But if you check your stats, you’d probably notice that only 1%-5% of your affiliates are consistently making sales.

What about the rest of the 95% of your affiliates?

Typically many of them are not getting any results because they simply plug their affiliate link into a traffic exchange or a forum signature or an ad.

Ideally they need to have a pre-sell page with content which entices the visitor to click through to your sales page.

You could provide these services to your affiliates yourself, or ask them to sign-up with hostgator or one of the hosting packages and hopefully, they can find their way around.

Alternatively, you could point them to CBStarter package which provides them
a blog on their own domain, where they can create their pre-sell pages, coupled with all the help they need from a team of marketing experts.

Then you would profit in two ways:

1. By getting commission on this product (in this case a monthly recurring commission)

2. By the resultant improved performance of those affiliates in selling your product

And for your better affiliates who already have pre-sell pages and don’t need a blog you can profit when they in turn promote the package.

But wait – I hear you say.

“If I tell a customer about a ClickBank product I get affiliate commission when he buys it.

But if I tell someone about the affiliate program for that product I don’t get anything”

That’s true for the typical ClickBank product but this is an exception.

You’ll see why when you check it out here: CBStarter

Best wishes,

PS: And check out the one dollar deal – a brilliant viral strategy by the author Harvey Segal which is bound to send recurring commissions your way. Harvey tells me that 18% of sign ups go on to upgrade to a paid account.