ClickBank Hoplink – A quick overview

I’ve received so many emails about how ClickBank works and how easyClickMate fits into the picture that I’ve decided to come up with a quick 2 minute summary:

How Clickbank works

ClickBank is the leading retailer of digital products online. Basically, what it means is that it allows you (as a vendor or in Clickbank’s term, a publisher) to sell your digital products via their infrastructure.

It (Clickbank) also has built-in affiliate network where you (as an affiliate) can refer and promote all digital products in ClickBank’s marketplace for a commission.

A Typical Process Flow

Affiliates (sends traffic via hoplink) –> Clickbank –> your sales page.

As a ClickBank vendor (publisher), you can only specify 1 landing page (e.g. your sales page) in your clickbank account. This means your affiliates can only “promote” the product you specify in your landing page (ClickBank calls it the ‘hoplink target url’)

With easyclickmate (ECM) here’s the process:

affiliates (sends traffic via ECM) –> Clickbank –> ECM –> your individual product page(s)

As you can see, easyClickMate provides a ‘layer’ of functionality on top of ClickBank, and it allows your affiliates to redirect traffic to your individual product pages/sales pages.

The default hoplink target URL in this scenario is the easyclickmate’s link.

Once Clickbank redirect the visitors back to your site, easyClickmate will lookup the corresponding product’s URL and send the visitor to the appropriate product’s page.

(note: You would specify the individual product pages/urls in easyClickmate’s admin panel)

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