Happy New 2008!

Kinda late … but I guess better late than never.

The new year started with a bang … a number of product launches are already in place, so you’d better be prepared for a flurry of email promos. No, I won’t be joining the mad crowd that send you promos after promos. I will only share what I have personally found useful and am using myself.

My advice to you is to know what you want to achieve in 2008.

What is your FOCUS?

Keep your focus or you will end up ‘spinning your wheels’ and getting nowhere.

If you’re the type that takes immediate action, I recommend clearing your mailbox once a day. Go through all the email promos you receive for the day. If it does not jive with your focus, delete it. If it’s something that is in line with your focus, then get it.

If you’re the type that requires time to think about things, set aside a day (once week) to go through all the email promos. Create a special folder (e.g. “friday”) – all the email promos goes into that folder. Then, every Friday, go through it, delete those that does not jive with your focus, and take action on those that does.

Wishing you and yours a Wonderful and Profitable New Year!

Best wishes,


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