Kindling – the Best Kindle Course!

I’ve been rather ‘silent’ in the “IM” (Internet Marketing) world – and a number of friends and customers have asked if I’d fallen off the face of the earth ;-) … they are concerned of course!

But no, I’m still around, and still actively supporting my software and providing server and VPS management.

A good portion of my time now is spent on writing books for the Amazon Kindle Platform. I’ve 2 books out there at the moment (under a pen name) and will be releasing one under my own name soon.

I’ve bought many courses (over 20) in 2013 alone, and the best one, in my humble opinion is The Kindling Course by Geoff Shaw.

Unlike many other ‘Kindle guru wannabes’ who make money selling your their ‘get rich quick’ courses, Geoff is NOT an Internet Marketer.

He does not make his living selling IM products or kindle courses. He makes his living from the sales of his Kindle books. I know because I’m on his mailing list, and all his mailings are usually encouragement to his readers and customers to take action and write their first book. He does not promote any and every Kindle course out there (unlike many other ‘kindle gurus’ – you know who they are!)

Anyway, as they say, “the proof is in the pudding” – so I’m showing you my own Kindle book sales:

Dec 2013 – 155 copies sold


Jan 2014 (1st – 11th) – 60 copies sold


(you can click on the images above to see the bigger image)

Ok, I know – the figures are nothing to shout about – but these are passive income. There is the initial “book marketing” work that has to be done when the books are first published, but once that has been done, it’s more or less plain sailing on autopilot.

Geoff’s Kindling course covers everything – from niche selection, writing, fiction/non-fiction to marketing.

If you are interested in creating real passive income with Kindle, this is the best course I’ve come across.

Check it out on the Warrior’s forum:  Geoff’s Kindling Course

The link above is a direct link, not my affiliate link!

I truly believe in this course, and I’m happy to tell everyone about it without earning a single cent from it.

If you want to earn some passive income in 2014 – Geoff’s Kindling Course is the way to go!