Multiple Streams of Income

My previous post, “Who’s telling the Truth” caused quite a stir … as well as some confusion.

I’m not against having Multiple Streams of Income.

On the contrary, I’m all for it.

But one must learn how to walk first before one can run.

You have to FOCUS on your core business, make sure it is profitable and running smoothly before you venture out to other niches/business models.

Why is this important?

Because it gives you stability.

It gives you positive cash-flow.

And it gives you the peace of mind to pursue other niches/business models.

Otherwise, you’ll have this nagging “will I have enough to pay this month’s bills” at the back of your mind.

My main online business is in the Internet Marketing niche, more specifically, in the ClickBank sub-niche.

But I have other streams income as well, for example – ClickBank Success Forum which I share with my partner and mentor, Harvey Segal. Revenue from the ADs comes in like clockwork every month.

I also promote quality web-hosting packages which pays residual commissions. This can really add up over time. You do the work once, and you get paid *forever*. I said “forever” because people don’t usually change their web-host everyday. If you have ever experience changing hosts, you’ll know it’s very painful and tedious process.

This is the recommended hosting package. They have been in existent since 2002 and some of the big name gurus are hosting with them as well. You can start with their Silver Package first and upgrade later when your business grows. The ‘opportunity’ tab (upper right corner) will explain their commission structure.

And I also have a few content sites with adsense – these don’t pay much at the moment, but they are passive income.

Bottom line, make sure you FOCUS on your core business first, get it up and running (and profitable!) and then slowly branch out to other areas and build Multiple Streams of Income.

Best wishes,