Ultimate Heatmap 3.0 – Free until 24 Jan 2013

You’ve spent hours, perhaps days or weeks building your website, crafting your best offer and driving traffic/visitors to your site.

Perhaps you have even started a PPC or Social media campaign to drive traffic to your site …

BUT do you know what your visitors will do when they reach your site?

Do you know what will grab their attention and cause them to take action?

Do you know how to maximize each and every visitor that lands on your site?

May I suggest that you check out the Ultimate Heat Map 3 written by Michael Campbell – complete with new templates to boost your conversion rates.

I’ve read the original Heat Map, and I can’t wait to dive into his latest edition.

Michael is giving it to you as a free gift until Thursday at
midnight. So for the next four days, it’s freely available at Amazon.


After Thursday, it will cost $9.99.

Go get it now!

Best regards,