What’s your ClickBank Color?

Have you logged into your ClickBank account lately? If yes, you would have seen the new Quality Point Score system, and the ‘colors’ that ClickBank assigns to your account.

Here’s an example of a blue account. Click on the image below to see a bigger image.

Here are the 6 different colors and their ratings according to Clickbank.

Violet Lowest risk account, great performance, exceptional customer satisfaction
Blue Low risk account, great performance, strong customer satisfaction.
Green New or Good quality with good customer satisfaction
Yellow Some risk issues, these should be identified and corrected.
Orange Major risk issues which must be improved, account termination potential.
Red Out of compliance with risk standards and must be improved as soon as possible, at risk of account termination.

What does it mean to you as a vendor and/or an affiliate?

In short, you’ll want to ensure that your account is marked as “Blue” or “Violet” tier to ensure the lowest fee possible.

Quality Point Score: Effective January 2, 2013, all accounts will be assigned 100 points.

Points will be added or subtracted based on their daily Risk Tier as follows:
* Unacceptable accounts will lose 2 points per day.
* Borderline accounts will lose 1 point per day.
* Good, Very Good, and Excellent accounts will gain 1 point per day up to a maximum of 100 points.

Should an account reach 0 points it will be suspended and sales will be halted.

Example #1:an affiliate whose account quality is Yellow, promotes a vendor whose account quality is Blue and after the sale, the consumer requests a refund. The affiliate would receive a $1.00 refund fee, according to the fee schedule for the Yellow tier, while the vendor does not incur any quality fee, according to the fee schedule for the Blue tier.

Example #2: consider an “Orange Tier” vendor, for each product sale, these vendors will incur an additional $2.00 high-risk transaction fee. In the event the consumer issues a chargeback, the Vendor would receive a fee of $36.00.

Ref: Refunds & Chargeback Tiers

Would you like to increase your ClickBank account rating to Blue or even Violet?

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