Facebook Phishing Warning

Lately, I’ve been receiving lots of “friendship” requests from unknown folks, supposedly from Facebook. The way the emails are constructed are similar to the real Facebook friendship requests.

But on closer inspection, the links in the email to ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ the friendship request go to a different (hacked?) site.

– saito-office.biz/overhearing/index.html
– bernderl.de/oleaginous/index.html
– whittakerwatertech.com/nodoz/index.html

One of the phish emails had this subject line:

“You requested a new Facebook password”

and this message:
You recently asked to reset your Facebook password.
Click here to change your password.
Didn’t request this change?
If you didn’t request a new password, let us know immediately.

The email was in html, the hyper link in the “click here” was linked to a hacked page.

The phrase ‘let us know immediately’ was also hyper linked to another hacked page.

Be careful!

Best regards,

Ultimate Heatmap 3.0 – Free until 24 Jan 2013

You’ve spent hours, perhaps days or weeks building your website, crafting your best offer and driving traffic/visitors to your site.

Perhaps you have even started a PPC or Social media campaign to drive traffic to your site …

BUT do you know what your visitors will do when they reach your site?

Do you know what will grab their attention and cause them to take action?

Do you know how to maximize each and every visitor that lands on your site?

May I suggest that you check out the Ultimate Heat Map 3 written by Michael Campbell – complete with new templates to boost your conversion rates.

I’ve read the original Heat Map, and I can’t wait to dive into his latest edition.

Michael is giving it to you as a free gift until Thursday at
midnight. So for the next four days, it’s freely available at Amazon.


After Thursday, it will cost $9.99.

Go get it now!

Best regards,

User Generated Content Via Curation

What makes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other similar sites so popular and successful? What is the common thread or feature among these sites?

Yes, you guessed it – it is “User Generated Content”!

Think about it … what makes FB or Pinterest so appealing to its users? Isn’t it fresh, new content that are updated daily by friends and folks with similar interest?

Another question – how do you make a site rank high on Google’s SERP (search engine results page)? Content? Yes, lots of it. Quality content, not crappy/scrapped content. In addition to fresh content, Google is also looking at ‘social signals’ associated with the site. Content alone is enough to rank high in the SERPs.

These 2 challenges alone (content and social media) will overwhelm any webmaster or site owner … and most will just give up trying to rank high in the SERPs.

What if you can solve these 2 challenges – ‘user generated content’ and ‘social signals’ easily with a few clicks of a mouse?

In other words, what if you can get the visitors to your site to submit CONTENT and generate the social buzz for you?

Impossible? A pipe-dream?

Not, if you know how to do it correctly. Early this year, my good friend, Michael Campbell built a niche fishing site from scratch, adding content daily and then he started coaxing his readers to submit content. Slowly, but surely, his readers began to take a more active role and started submitting content and be a part of the site (a sense of ownership).

Via Content Curation Plugin
Fast forward a few months later (now) – what Michael had been doing manually all these months had been ‘perfected’ and packaged into a handy WordPress plugin called “VIA Curation Plugin”, and it is now available to the general public.

Instead of me rambling on, why not check it out yourself? Click on the image above or the red link below.

Via Content Curation Plugin

I’m off to revive some old niche blogs with this amazing plugin …

What’s your ClickBank Color?

Have you logged into your ClickBank account lately? If yes, you would have seen the new Quality Point Score system, and the ‘colors’ that ClickBank assigns to your account.

Here’s an example of a blue account. Click on the image below to see a bigger image.

Here are the 6 different colors and their ratings according to Clickbank.

Violet Lowest risk account, great performance, exceptional customer satisfaction
Blue Low risk account, great performance, strong customer satisfaction.
Green New or Good quality with good customer satisfaction
Yellow Some risk issues, these should be identified and corrected.
Orange Major risk issues which must be improved, account termination potential.
Red Out of compliance with risk standards and must be improved as soon as possible, at risk of account termination.

What does it mean to you as a vendor and/or an affiliate?

In short, you’ll want to ensure that your account is marked as “Blue” or “Violet” tier to ensure the lowest fee possible.

Quality Point Score: Effective January 2, 2013, all accounts will be assigned 100 points.

Points will be added or subtracted based on their daily Risk Tier as follows:
* Unacceptable accounts will lose 2 points per day.
* Borderline accounts will lose 1 point per day.
* Good, Very Good, and Excellent accounts will gain 1 point per day up to a maximum of 100 points.

Should an account reach 0 points it will be suspended and sales will be halted.

Example #1:an affiliate whose account quality is Yellow, promotes a vendor whose account quality is Blue and after the sale, the consumer requests a refund. The affiliate would receive a $1.00 refund fee, according to the fee schedule for the Yellow tier, while the vendor does not incur any quality fee, according to the fee schedule for the Blue tier.

Example #2: consider an “Orange Tier” vendor, for each product sale, these vendors will incur an additional $2.00 high-risk transaction fee. In the event the consumer issues a chargeback, the Vendor would receive a fee of $36.00.

Ref: Refunds & Chargeback Tiers

Would you like to increase your ClickBank account rating to Blue or even Violet?

If yes, checkout out this classic, no-fluff ebook – “Vendor Super Tips” updated for 2013 (just last week)

Best wishes,

Phishing & Malware Alert

There seemed to be an increase of phishing emails with malware payload lately.

Yesterday, on Nov 9th, 2012, I received an email supposedly from MY own accounts department (accounting@easybiztools.com) with an official looking subject:

I tried to save the html attachment as ‘txt’ – see the screenshot below:

But ZoneAlarm did not allow me – it intercepted and promptly treated the trojan.

More Details
Trojan:JS/Redirector.W is basically an encrypted javascript that redirects you to a hacker’s page to download and execute malicious Shockwave Flash (SWF) files. These malicious SWF files are crafted to exploit “Adobe Flash Player Invalid Pointer Vulnerability”.

Besides spammers/hackers sending you this file (via email), this Trojan:JS/Redirector.W can also be stored as an embedded script in malicious Web pages (or legitimate sites/pages that had been hacked).

When a user visits the page, the script could execute exploit code that targets specific versions of Adobe Flash Player.

For more info, please visit: Microsoft’s Threat Encyclopedia

Always set your email client to view in “Plain Text” only. That way, any embedded html or javascript will not be launched automatically.

ClickBank Gravity 101

The ClickBank Gravity score is an often misunderstood topic by both Clickbank vendors and affiliates.

Yet, it (ClicKBank gravity) is often used as a criteria for choosing products to promote in the ClickBank marketplace.

Here’s a quick question for you:

Does the Gravity Score have any bearing on the number of sales?

If you had answered “YES” – then you do need to read this short 7 page report entitled “ClickBank Gravity Supertips”.

The correct answer is No.

Click here to download => ClickBank Gravity Supertips

It will tell you exactly what is ClickBank gravity, and how it affects you.

It’s FREE, and there is no need to optin to download.

Best regards,

SubscriptionMate, Paypal & Aweber

Due to some changes at Paypal, the “buy” button code supplied with the SubsriptionMate plugin no longer works. A fix/update (version 1.2.1) has been released and is available in the members download area.

To generate the buy now button (or a monthly Subscription button), please use the Paypal button generator at:


Enter the requested info and click on the ‘generate button’. Paypal will then generate the required codes for you.

You will then need to insert these 2 additional form codes to match the settings in the SubscriptionMate dashboard.

1. “XX” matches the ‘item number’ you set in the SubscriptionMate dashboard.

2. “YY” is the membership Level that corresponds with the item number. (there are only 5 levels of memberships, i.e. 1,2,3,4 & 5)

In the example above (see the screenshot above), item_number #35 corresponds with membership level 5 (custom = 5); and item_number #34 correspond with membership level 4 (custom = 4).

For those who wants to use their own custom (aweber) optin form instead of the supplied shortcode for the free membership level, you can now do so by activating the “Easybiztools Email Parser” function in your Aweber account. Details (with screenshots) are in the SubscriptionMate User Guide – in the Appendix, page 20)

The optin form codes should have the following:

You also need to create a ‘thank you/confirm’ page with the shortcode: [subm_confirm_optin] and copy the permalink to that page, e.g.


Then, the form should post to that URL (http://yoursite.com/thankyou/ ) and NOT to aweber.

Best regards,