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User Generated Content Via Curation

What makes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other similar sites so popular and successful? What is the common thread or feature among these sites? Yes, you guessed it – it is “User Generated Content”! Think about it … what makes FB or Pinterest so appealing to its users? Isn’t it fresh, new content that are […]

SubscriptionMate, Paypal & Aweber

Paypal Due to some changes at Paypal, the “buy” button code supplied with the SubsriptionMate plugin no longer works. A fix/update (version 1.2.1) has been released and is available in the members download area. To generate the buy now button (or a monthly Subscription button), please use the Paypal button generator at: Enter the […]

Important EasyClickMate Update

It was brought to my attention a couple of days ago that a feature of easyclickmate actually contravenes one of ClickBank’s TOS, i.e. “The automatic insertion of an affiliate ID into the purchase flow who had no prior interaction with the vendor (eg. those using ECM) for the sole purpose of raising the gravity”. This […]

CBListAutomator Ver3.0 User Guide

Just discovered that I had forgotten to upload the Version 3.0 of the CBListAutomator UserGuide! If you had downloaded the user guide prior to Nov 26th, 2010, please login to the customer area and download it again. The user-interface has changed a fair bit in version 3.0. If you are here for the first time, […]

EasyClick404 Professional

Every day, websites are losing hundreds of visitors each day because of the 404 Page Not Found Errors. You may have come across such errors as well. Are you losing visitors (and potential sales) as a result of 404 Errors on your own websites? This powerful software will prevent that.

CBListAutomator Software

Boost your affiliate sales with this powerful software. Automatically delivers your bonus to the customer whey they purchase via your affiliate link. At the same time, build your own list of proven buyers!

easyClickGuard Professional

Digital Theft is an un-avoidable fact that every product author will have to face. But you CAN and SHOULD take pro-active steps to minimize and reduce thefts by using appropriate digital download protection software such as the EasyClickGuard Professional.