EasyClick404 Professional

Overview / Main Features

  • The easyClick404 script is probably the most un-glamorous script – no fancy web-interface, no flashy design or graphics – in fact, you won’t even know it’s there … until a visitor encounters a 404 Page Not Found Errors on your site. That’s when the script really shines and comes through for you.
  • Your site don’t have 404 Errors? Why not ask your webmaster to check the webserver logs – you might be surprised at the number of 404 Errors reported every month!
  • For example:
    Let’s say you paid $300 for an ad in a top-notch ezine with over 50,000 targeted subscribers. But unfortunately, there was a typo in the URL – or perhaps the editor made a mistake when he inserts your ad.

    Would you know that your visitors are seeing the 404 page if no one tells you?

    Now imagine, what if instead of a $300 ezine ad, you paid $10,000 for a half page ad in a glossy magazine – and the editor made a typo in your URL!

EasyClick404 will SAVE you money! Click on the link below for full details.

EasyClick404 Professional



Current Version: 1.0

Next Version: No plans yet.


Feel free to give your ideas/feedback for the next version below:

Comments 2

  1. Robert Shields wrote:

    I’ve been using Adrian’s EasyClick404 since almost day one and it must have been instrumental in saving me thousands of lost revenue.

    Recently, I revamped one of my web sites and forgot to put the 404 script back on it. A few days ago, I realised what I had done but I wasn’t at all worried as I was sure I had done a good job replacing/changing files etc.

    However, I installed it again (it takes about 30 minutes) and to my horror, I started receiving DAILY 30 plus messages from EasyClick404 warning me of 404 errors. I had forgotten to remove some deads link and my visitors were being sent to a non-existing pages.

    But even more shocking was the fact that every search engine indexing my site were also finding those errors.

    Thanks Adrian. I now know why my new site was indexed so low.

    Robert Shields

    Addendum ...

    Posted 07 Aug 2011 at 8:26 am
  2. Adrian Ling wrote:

    Hey Robert,

    Good to hear from you! How are you keeping buddy?

    Thanks for posting your testimonial – appreciate it.


    Addendum ...

    Posted 08 Aug 2011 at 2:42 am