Important EasyClickMate Update

It was brought to my attention a couple of days ago that a feature of easyclickmate actually contravenes one of ClickBank’s TOS, i.e.

“The automatic insertion of an affiliate ID into the purchase flow who had no prior interaction with the vendor (eg. those using ECM) for the sole purpose of raising the gravity”.

This is found in your easyclickmate control panel – under the “Optional Fields” section, you would see:

“Additional ClickBank IDs (optional, if any)”

If you have listed any ClickBank IDs in this field, please remove them as it is against their TOS.

Directly from ClickBank’s email:
“We only want affiliates who are actively promoting our products to receive credit. Inserting an affiliate into the flow who had no prior interaction with the affiliate for the sole purpose of raising gravity is not allowed.”

The hardcoded affiliate link is just to allow an affiliate to get credit if he has a special agreement with the vendor to have the customer click an order link from somewhere other than the vendor’s pitch page.” – end Quote.

An updated version of Easyclickmate (ver11.8) has been released and is available in the download area. An email has been sent to all customers of EasyClickmate. If you have not received it, please open a ticket at Helpdesk

Thank you!

Best wishes,