We provide the following services:
Professional Installation.
Script Updates and Debug.
Custom WordPress Setup.
Moving/Switching to Another Host.

Professional Installation.

All our software tools are designed to be easy and intuitive to setup and configure – but if you prefer a “hassle-free” approach where we take care of all the details for you so that you can concentrate on your core business, then just click on any of the links below to get started:

Script Updates/Upgrades & Troubleshooting/Debug.

Upgrading our software and scripts is very simple. All you need to do is to upload the new files while taking care not to over-write the main config files. Details are in the User Guides and also the ‘upgrade guides’.

But if you prefer not to mess with scripts, etc, and would prefer us to handle it for you, please click on the link below:

=> Script Upgrade – $30

If you script suddenly stopped working because you switch host, or if your host upgraded its services and software or for some “unknown” reason, we can help. Please click on the link below to purchase our troubleshooting/fixing service:

=> Script Troubleshoot/Debug Service – $30

Custom WordPress Setup.

If your host is running Cpanel – you can easily install WordPress via the “Fantastico” utility within the control panel.

However, if you do need a custom/manual WordPress installation, our
services includes:

  • Installation of Essential Plugins
  • Customization of Permalinks (SEO friendly links)
  • Manual installation of any commercial plugins you’ve purchased
  • WordPress Optimization – for speed and security
  • Custom Ping List (notify the search engines you’ve new content)
  • Click here => Custom WordPress Setup – $30

Moving/Switching to Another Host.

Do you need to migrate all your data and script(s) to a new host?

We can help. Switching to another host can be quite complex
especially if you have existing database(s) and scripts that uses databases.

We can help you migrate all your WordPress data (posts, pages, plugins, themes, ect) as well as any database-driven scripts to your new host.

Click here to get started => Moving/Switching to New Host Service – $97


Once you’ve paid, please open a support ticket with the following info:

  • scriptname (e.g. easyclickmate, easyclickguard,etc.)
  • URL to your host’s control panel
  • login ID and password. I strongly recommend that you temporarily change your password and give the temp. password. Once we have completed the job, you can reset your password back to the original password
  • name of the script and description of the problem and what needs to be fixed (if applicable)
  • your ClickBank vendor ID

Payment for our professional services is via Inc. (Ohio, USA) – a trusted and established payment facilitator for goods and services provided by us.


Custom Hosting.

If you need custom quote for your web-hosting on our VPS servers, contact us via the helpdesk with your requirements and we’ll get back to you within 24hrs.

Questions? Drop us a line via questions@