Niche Treasure Hunter System Review

I’ve just finished reviewing 14 PDF transcripts from Neil Shearing. They are part of his
brand new “Niche Treasure Hunter System” which will be released today at
12noon EST.

The entire system contains 14 videos, 14 MP3s and 14 PDF transcripts.

What is it?
In a nutshell, it’s a simple and workable system that shows you how to quickly build
a blog (or multiple blogs), get free traffic from Google and then “dig” deep to find
profitable “Niche Treasure” in your webserver logs.
(some folks called it profitable long-tail keywords).

Let me illustrate with an example.

I’m sure you’ve heard of this term many times – “long tail keywords”.

You are told to go after these profitable long tail keywords as they are easier
to get free traffic from Google, and easier to rank in the search engine results.

Dog Training (extremely competitive keyword)
German Shepherd Training in Chicago (long tail keywords, less competition)

The typical process would involve going to your favorite keyword tool
(Google keyword tool) or wordtracker to search for these long-tail-keywords.

What if I were to tell you there is another way? Instead of using these tools, all
you need to do is just look at your webserver logs and see the EXACT keywords
people are entering into the search engines to find your site.

This what the entire “Niche Treasure Hunter System” (NTH System) is about.

– Building fully automated Blogs fast (with quality articles, no wordpress plugin required)
– Getting Free Traffic From Google
– Digging Deep to find the profitable long-tail-keywords as entered by your site visitors.

The 14 videos showed a case study on one of his blogs which was built last Sep 2008.

The keyword “College Funds” is ultra competitive (26 millions results)

However, using the NTH System, Neil managed to discover a gem of a long-tail, i.e

“xxxxx yyyyy college funds”

Can’t tell you what those ‘xxxxxx’ and ‘yyyyy’ keywords are because Neil will reveal them
to you in the videos. But more importantly, he shows you step-by-step how you
can replicate this in other markets/niches to find your own profitable long-tail keywords.

Check it out …

Niche Treasure Hunter System

Neil is giving $100 off to the first 259 orders.

If you’re one of the first 50 who ordered via my link above, please send me an email with your purchase receipt (send it to: support @ ) and I give you a cool new software of mine (not released yet, still in beta test. ETA, March 15th)

Codename: Goolert
(it will tell you the profitable long tail keywords in real time)

I’ll also give you some extra tips to make this system fly.

Also included in the package is Live Q&A plus live coaching with Neil Shearing via Ustream.

These will take place on:
Monday, March 16th at 9AM EST.
Monday, March 23rd at 9AM EST.
Monday, March 30th at 9AM EST.

If you can’t make it to the live Q+A, you can contact Neil via his personal email address.