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Here’s a potential gold mine which I’ve discovered using Keyword Research Pro.

Seed (root) keyword: Tiki Torches – 269,000 results | 49 Ads

Keyword variations (Search volume is in May 2009):
– propane tiki torches – 16,100 pages | Search Vol: 480 | Avg CPC: $2.31
– bamboo tiki torches – 34,000 pages | Search Vol: 3600 | Avg CPC: $1.50
– copper tiki torches – 52,300 pages | Search Vol: 1000 | Avg CPC: $1.80

With just 16,000+ competing pages for ‘propane tiki torches’, it should be a snap to rank 1st page in Google’s SERP.

And this niche is HOT! Look at Google Trends below (16th June 2009):

If you own a copy of Keyword Research Pro, I suggest you plug in this niche keyword now and dominate this niche.

*Tiki Torches is just one of the many hidden keyword goldmines I’ve discovered using Keyword Research Pro. There are many, many more!

Now, let me show you another niche that I’m involved in. It’s the highly competitive baby niche. Someone bought a polka dot rug for a cool $312. Looks like there are still plenty of folks with money to spend – on RUGS!

My commission for that sale is $31.20

It’s “easy” when you know how to target the right keywords using the right tools :-)

Yeah, yeah, I’m going to recommend that you get a copy of Keyword Research Pro

Why not? I believe it’s the best keyword tool in the market. If you do SEO or plan to do SEO, then this tool is a must.

You could spend hours on Google’s Keyword tool, or you could let Keyword Research Pro hand you the keywords on a silver platter within minutes. For me, the choice is obvious.

* A Quick Tip – the Role of the ‘seed’ (or ‘root’ keyword)

This is very important. The ‘seed keyword’ that you use will determine the quality of the keyword lists that are both profitable and easy to target/rank.

Where can you find these ‘seed keywords’? Go to your favorite bookstore and pick up a few books in your chosen niche. Turn to the ‘glossary’ pages in those books.

For example, if you pick up a book on ‘diabetes’ and turn to the glossary page, you will find many terms which you can use as ‘seed keywords’. These are highly targeted keywords and definitely easier to rank.

Once you have the ‘seed keywords’ – plug them into Keyword Research Pro and let it run!

If you are thinking of getting Keyword Research Pro, I suggest you do it now.

Keyword Research Pro

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Best wishes,

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  1. Theo wrote:


    Wow! This Goolert keyword script rocks! Yeah, I bought the Keyword Research Pro with your affiliate link.

    That is also a killer keyword program.


    Addendum ...

    Posted 26 Jun 2009 at 10:59 am