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CBListAutomator Ver3.0 User Guide

Just discovered that I had forgotten to upload the Version 3.0 of the CBListAutomator UserGuide! If you had downloaded the user guide prior to Nov 26th, 2010, please login to the customer area and download it again. The user-interface has changed a fair bit in version 3.0. If you are here for the first time, […]

CBListAutomator Software

Boost your affiliate sales with this powerful software. Automatically delivers your bonus to the customer whey they purchase via your affiliate link. At the same time, build your own list of proven buyers!

Product Policy and Support

In a nutshell … * Unlimited, Free Life-Time Upgrades * 90 days Comprehensive Technical Support. * 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Unlimited Free Life-Time Upgrades Since April 2002, we have decided to adopt the now famous: FREE Life-Time Upgrades Policy for ALL our software products. Yes, that’s right, all our customers have been enjoying our free lifetime […]

The Irresistable Offer = “Umbrella Marketing”

Let me share with you a true story … Last weekend, I was at the supermarket, buying some groceries when it started raining. Not just a drizzle, but raining cats and dogs! I waited for a while, hoping the rain would let up … but no luck. My car was parked in another building, and […]