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WP Affiliate Surge

WordPress is fast becoming the “swiss army knife” of building professional looking websites and blogs. Yes, it is a blog at its core, but many people are finding WordPress extremely versatile and easy to use. The number of open source as well as commercial plugins and premium themes are staggering – you can basically find […]

ClickBank launches HopAds …

If you login to your ClickBank account today, you’ll see a link to ClickBank’s Powerful New Affiliate Tool: HopAds BuilderHop (filed under the “News” section). Click through to the link to start using it. Essentially, it allows Clickbank Affiliates to easily create customizable ad boxes (similar to adsense). This tool allows affiliates to customize both […]

eBay Slap? Digital Items Banned On eBay …

I just read a forum post in the SSS Circle that effective March 31, all digital goods will be banned in the eBay auction process. In other words, eBay will ban digital stuff like: * eBooks * MP3’s * Digital Videos/Audios * Websites/Blogs * Domain Names * Graphic Design Services * Photo Services * And […]

ClickBank Marketplace Tip.

In your ClickBank account, you can list up to 500 “different” products for sale. Alternatively, you can also use these 500 ‘slots’ for different price points for the same product. For example, if you are currently selling widget A (item #1) at $47 and you want to test the pricing, you can set the price […]