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Understanding the ClickBank Hoplink System and EasyClickMate

The ClickBank Hoplink is a propriety linking system where ClickBank affiliates use to promote the 10,000+ publishers in the ClickBank network. In your ClickBank Account – under “Account Settings” –> “My Site”, you will see a field called “Hoplink Target URL”. This is the landing page (sometimes also known as your ‘pitch page’) where your […]

ClickBank Hoplink – A quick overview

I’ve received so many emails about how ClickBank works and how easyClickMate fits into the picture that I’ve decided to come up with a quick 2 minute summary: How Clickbank works ClickBank is the leading retailer of digital products online. Basically, what it means is that it allows you (as a vendor or in Clickbank’s […]

ClickBank’s new upcoming feature …

Just got wind from a very reliable source that ClickBank will be adding the ability to sell products in installments very soon! Login to your account in the next few days to check. In case you have not read their announcement a few days ago – Clickbank will be performing their routine update today. Routine […]