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Running my 1st Sale since 2002 …

Since starting my online business 6 years ago (this site was launched on April 16th, 2002) I’ve been making a decent living with consistent sales every month. I managed to quit my day back back in 2003. Now, it’s time to give back – for the first time ever, I’m practically giving away all my […]

Serial Refunders in ClickBank

It’s heartening to note that ClickBank is finally taking stern action against the serial refunders. Their refund policy states that: “Customers requesting serial or repeated returns will be blocked from making further purchases.” However, it was not strictly enforced (to my knowledge) … until now. See this thread at: ClickBank Success Forum This will surely […]

Decommissioning of eChecks by ClickBank

This simply great! In the past, I’ve always groaned inwardly whenever I see a payment made via eChecks. Those sales usually ended up as revoked sale, i.e. those eChecks bounced! Here’s the scoop directly from ClickBank’s mouth: After careful consideration, ClickBank will no longer accept eChecks as a payment method as of 2008-04-15. Please make […]

eBay Slap? Digital Items Banned On eBay …

I just read a forum post in the SSS Circle that effective March 31, all digital goods will be banned in the eBay auction process. In other words, eBay will ban digital stuff like: * eBooks * MP3’s * Digital Videos/Audios * Websites/Blogs * Domain Names * Graphic Design Services * Photo Services * And […]

ClickBank IP Blacklist

I just found this out a few days ago. ClickBank has sophisticated IP filters in place that prohibit people from hitting their website and their order forms too quickly. If ClickBank detects too many requests in a short period of time from a single IP, then that IP is blacklisted until the flooding stops. See […]

ClickBank’s new upcoming feature …

Just got wind from a very reliable source that ClickBank will be adding the ability to sell products in installments very soon! Login to your account in the next few days to check. In case you have not read their announcement a few days ago – Clickbank will be performing their routine update today. Routine […]

ClickBank Recurring Billing Update

ClickBank has added more features to its recurring billing program: * You can now offer a trial period which was not available initially. * You can now set a lower initial price – perfect if you are offering a trial period. * Additional re-billing frequency options – bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly and annually. Initial Price The […]