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Autoresponder Integration

This is a quick tutorial on how to integrate MailChimp’s API version 3 with easyClickmate and easyClickGuard. The first thing you need to do is to get your MailChimp API key and the “list_id” for your list. Each list that you create in MailChimp has a “unique identifier” called the ‘list_id’ which is diferent from […]

Paypal PDT Auth/Identity Token

For those using EasyClickGuard with Paypal, here’s how to setup the Paypal PDT (Payment Data Transfer) Auth/Identity Token. 1. Log in to your PayPal account. 2. Click the Profile subtab. 3. Click on the “My selling tools”. On the right panel, you will see “Website Preferences”  Payment Preferences in the Seller Preferences. 4. Click on […]

easyClickGuard Professional

Digital Theft is an un-avoidable fact that every product author will have to face. But you CAN and SHOULD take pro-active steps to minimize and reduce thefts by using appropriate digital download protection software such as the EasyClickGuard Professional.

Product Policy and Support

In a nutshell … * Unlimited, Free Life-Time Upgrades * 90 days Comprehensive Technical Support. * 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Unlimited Free Life-Time Upgrades Since April 2002, we have decided to adopt the now famous: FREE Life-Time Upgrades Policy for ALL our software products. Yes, that’s right, all our customers have been enjoying our free lifetime […]

Running my 1st Sale since 2002 …

Since starting my online business 6 years ago (this site was launched on April 16th, 2002) I’ve been making a decent living with consistent sales every month. I managed to quit my day back back in 2003. Now, it’s time to give back – for the first time ever, I’m practically giving away all my […]