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User Generated Content Via Curation

What makes Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many other similar sites so popular and successful? What is the common thread or feature among these sites? Yes, you guessed it – it is “User Generated Content”! Think about it … what makes FB or Pinterest so appealing to its users? Isn’t it fresh, new content that are […]

WP Affiliate Surge

WordPress is fast becoming the “swiss army knife” of building professional looking websites and blogs. Yes, it is a blog at its core, but many people are finding WordPress extremely versatile and easy to use. The number of open source as well as commercial plugins and premium themes are staggering – you can basically find […]

Missing in action …

My last blog post … March 2011 … fast forward … Aug 2011. 5 months have lapse since my last post … boy, how time flies! Where have I been, and what have I been up to? Well, besides “minding my own online business” (I have decided to stop participating in all the big/mega product […]