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Aweber Mail Address rules

A quick tip – if you’re using Aweber’s Email Parser, or if you’re testing email subscription by sending an email t o Aweber, make sure the the “From:” field not “role-based”, e.g. emails such as: etc. These “role-based” emails will be automatically deleted by Aweber’s mail servers. So, for those of […]

Phishing & Malware Alert

There seemed to be an increase of phishing emails with malware payload lately. Yesterday, on Nov 9th, 2012, I received an email supposedly from MY own accounts department ( with an official looking subject: I tried to save the html attachment as ‘txt’ – see the screenshot below: But ZoneAlarm did not allow me – […]

SubscriptionMate, Paypal & Aweber

Paypal Due to some changes at Paypal, the “buy” button code supplied with the SubsriptionMate plugin no longer works. A fix/update (version 1.2.1) has been released and is available in the members download area. To generate the buy now button (or a monthly Subscription button), please use the Paypal button generator at: Enter the […]

Paypal PDT and Auth Tokens (easyclickguard settings)

Just discovered that Paypal interface has changed since I last logged in. If you need to locate the Paypal Auth Token, and PDT (Payment Data Transfer), login to your Paypal account and click on: My Account (main tab) –> Profile (sub-tab). On the left navi (box), click on “My Selling Tools”. On the right panel […]

How to use Gmail to Send Mail As

Gmail (google mail) is a wonderful tool – excellent spam filtering, lots of space, and you can also send mail as “someone else”. Let’s say you have just setup a new niche website but you don’t want the hassle of managing another email account at ‘’. So, the solution is to setup an email forwarder […]

Play Videos at 2x or higher

If you dread watching videos online – especially the lengthy ones where the author ‘hemmed and hawed’ throughout – you’re going to love these 2 freebies: SMPlayer – Allows you to play videos at various speeds – 1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 1.5, 1.6, … 2x, 3x, 4x or even 8x times the original speed. And it […]

ClickBank IPN – the Dust Finally Settles

Around 18th of Oct 2010, ClickBank made some changes in their Affiliate Stats reporting, i.e. the first name, last name and the email of the customer was replaced with double dashes, i.e. – – This change came about because in an internal audit, ClickBank discovered that by revealing customer data (name and email) to affiliates, […]