SubscriptionMate, Paypal & Aweber

Due to some changes at Paypal, the “buy” button code supplied with the SubsriptionMate plugin no longer works. A fix/update (version 1.2.1) has been released and is available in the members download area.

To generate the buy now button (or a monthly Subscription button), please use the Paypal button generator at:

Enter the requested info and click on the ‘generate button’. Paypal will then generate the required codes for you.

You will then need to insert these 2 additional form codes to match the settings in the SubscriptionMate dashboard.

1. “XX” matches the ‘item number’ you set in the SubscriptionMate dashboard.

2. “YY” is the membership Level that corresponds with the item number. (there are only 5 levels of memberships, i.e. 1,2,3,4 & 5)

In the example above (see the screenshot above), item_number #35 corresponds with membership level 5 (custom = 5); and item_number #34 correspond with membership level 4 (custom = 4).

For those who wants to use their own custom (aweber) optin form instead of the supplied shortcode for the free membership level, you can now do so by activating the “Easybiztools Email Parser” function in your Aweber account. Details (with screenshots) are in the SubscriptionMate User Guide – in the Appendix, page 20)

The optin form codes should have the following:

You also need to create a ‘thank you/confirm’ page with the shortcode: [subm_confirm_optin] and copy the permalink to that page, e.g.

Then, the form should post to that URL ( ) and NOT to aweber.

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