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    Unlock the full potential of ClickBank with easyClickMate.

This is the Original and the best ClickBank Software Tool for all ClickBank vendors. Use it to empower your affiliates and streamline your operations.

Latest 2010 Edition (ver 10.0) comes with all the bells and whistles (e.g. supports 1-Click-Upsells, CB-Skins, 3rd party integration such as WishList, Amember, DLGuard, etc)

RRP: $67 - click here for details
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    Stop those Thieves!

If you sell digital products (ebooks, software, audio/video, etc) - you need to protect your products from thieves!

Digital Theft is an un-avoidable fact that every online entrepreneur will have to face. You can't fully prevent it, but you sure can reduce it dramatically!

Imagine, if your product retails at $19.97, and you prevent just ONE illegal download per day, you'll be saving an extra $599.10 profit every month.

Are you tired of being robbed blind by internet thieves? Give EasyClickGuard a try!

RRP: $67 - click here for details
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    Bonus Automation

Do you promote ClickBank products as an affiliate? Do you offer bonuses to buyers who purchased via your affiliate links?

If yes, this tool will save you hundreds of precious hours by fully automating bonus delivery.

Imagine running a successful affiliate campaign where 100s of buyers purchased via your affiliate link because you offered a valuable bonus.

Now, instead of celebrating at the beach, you are stuck at your desk answering bonus requests 24x7!

A victim of your own successful sales campaign! No fun right?

Why not let CBListAutomator handle all this for you? 100% hands-free automation.

Plus, it also enables you to build your own responsive list of buyers at the same time.

RRP: $47 - click here for details
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About ClickBank Powertools ...

I've been programming and developing software scripts for ClickBank since 2002.

In fact, easyClickmate was the first of its kind - it enables the vendor to have multiple landing pages in a single ClickBank account.

You could say that I've been around the block a few times and I know what works and what doesn't. I know the difficulties, challenges and concerns that faces every online entrepreneur.

Stuff like "Business Continuity" - whether the software vendor will still be around to support you in the years to come? Whether the software will become obsolete in 6mths? ...

Stuff like whether you're investing in a tool that will help your business or merely buying a 'white elephant' ...

You can be assured that your purchase will NOT become obsolete. EasyClickmate ver 1.0 was launched back in April 2002. Today, version 10.0 has undergone numerous updates and upgrades.
You can be assured that you will receive timely and courteous support. Just ask any of my customers back from 2002!

I could go on, but I'd rather let you read what my customers have to say ...
(check out the live comments posted by my customers via facebook below)

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